Why Digital Health Week?

Why Digital Health Week?

by Katie D. McMillan, MPH and Kristine Glauber, PhD

If you've clicked on this post, you have heard by now that Duke is hosting a whole week of events decided to #digitalhealth. You might be wondering 'Why Digital Health week?', 'What topics will be addressed?', 'Who will be there?'  To answer some of your questions:

We are inspired by the diverse community at Duke that is interested in advancing care delivery, improving health outcomes, optimizing patient experience, and conducting world class research. By offering a full week dedicated to Digital Health, we hope to encourage an interdisciplinary discussion with experts and researchers from across the health system and university who are using technology to advance healthcare .

The inaugural Duke Digital Health Week will be the crossroads at which health, tech, business and the humanities at Duke meet. Mobile technology and wearables are empowering patients with data, and with the introduction of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and telemedicine into the clinician's tool bag, the way we experience healthcare is rapidly changing. As the use of digital health technologies expands, we ask, what's in store for the future of health?

Some of our featured speakers include:

  • Lawrence Carin, PhD - Vice Provost for Research, Duke University, Entrepreneur

  • Gary Bennett, PhD - Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Director of the Duke Digital Health Science Center, Founder of Scale Down

  • Howie Rhee, MBA - Managing Director, Student and Alumni Affairs, Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

  • Nirmish Shah, MD - Pediatric Hematologist and Oncologist, Health app experimenter

  • Aline Holzwarth, MBA- Principal, Center for Advanced Hindsight

...and we’re also excited to showcase the launch of three new mobile research studies!

In the planning of Digital Health Week our team has been reminded of how robust our community is. There is more than we can possibly cover even in a whole week, and we are looking forward to showcasing even more exciting work happening around Duke in 2019!

To register for Digital Health Week visit: http://bit.ly/DukeDHWeek2018

To check out some of our past monthly events visit:  https://www.mag.mobile.duke.edu/events/

If you’d like to present or host a workshop this year email us at mobileapps@duke.edu  

Can’t wait for Digital Health week and want to speak to someone about your app idea? Email mobileapps@duke.edu

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