Duke is proud to be a pioneer in using mobile technology to conduct research, interact with patients, support providers, collect data from sensors and push the envelope of what is possible.

Take a look at some of the illustrious projects from Duke Health and Duke University. 

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Autism and Beyond

Autism and Beyond was Duke's first ResearchKit app, released in 2015. The goal of the study was to test the reliability of smart phone questionnaires and video analysis of facial expressions as a possible screening tool for autism and other developmental disorders of children.

The study has since closed and is planning for a second iteration. 

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Ms Mosiac

MS Mosaic is a Duke sponsored research study that seeks to better understand multiple sclerosis from daily experiences. The goal of the study is to understand why some people with MS experience different symptoms than others, and why symptoms fluctuate so much.


Sixth vital sign

The 6th Vital Sign is a global research study that uses Apple’s ResearchKit to measure walking speed with the goal of creating a standard measure for walk speed as a vital sign. Join our global walking speed study today to help us help people all over the world.

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Medical Guidelines App Homepage

Cancer Distress Coach

The Cancer Distress Coach app is available  as a free download on the App Store® and on Google Play.™ This app helps you:

  • Learn about symptoms and available resources

  • Understand your level of stress

  • Gain coping skills to manage your stress in the moment

  • Build a network of support


Caremap was developed collaboratively by Boston Children’s Hospital and Duke University Health System. Caremap is a simple tool for families of children with complex medical conditions to access essential healthcare information on the go and track their child's progress and care goals. 

Medical Guidelines App

The Duke Medical Guidelines web app allows clinicians to easily access necessary guidelines, protocols, and algorithms by department on their phone.

Current departments supported:

  • Trauma

  • Neonatology


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